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How Can I Set Up Apache Virtual Hosts on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS VPS


Introduction The Apache web server is the most popular way of serving web content on the internet. It accounts for more than half of all active websites on the internet and is extremely powerful and flexible. Apache breaks its functionality and components into individual units that can be customized and configured independently. The basic unit […]

Simple Bash Script for Automated WordPress Installation – A to Z


  Prerequisite: Before running this bash script for automated wordpress installation, you will need to install following: Apache, MYSQL, PHP. Sterp-1: Install WP-CLI (A command line interface for WordPress), type the following command: curl -O To check if it is working, enter the following command: php wp-cli.phar –info To just type wp instead of […]

How Can I Add Swap on CentOS 7


To increase your server’s responsiveness, the very simple way is to add some swap space; it will guard your server against out-of-memory errors that will arise in your application. Swap is an area located in your storage drive where your operating system can temporarily store data that it can no longer hold in memory. For […]

A Simple Bash Script for Automated Backups


There are lots of options out there for backing up your server’s data. You can use open source tools for this purpose as well. However, today I have come up with a simple bash script which will take backup of specified directories; I will also guide you through on how to apply cron jobs on […]

Web Server Load Testing Tool: Siege

web server load monitoring tool by siege.

What is Siege? Siege is a benchmarking and load testing tool that can be used to measure the performance of a web server when under immense pressure. Siege performs following tests: Amount of data transferred. Response time of server. Transaction rate. Throughput. Concurrency. Times the program returned ok. Siege provides three modes of operation: Regression. […]

4 Server Security Measures Before Setting Up Infrastructure

security guide for servers

Introduction While setting up server infrastructure, your primary concern might be that the application should be up and running. However, one can’t ignore the importance of security for better functioning of your application; ignoring that can result in devastating consequences. In this guide I will talk about some of basic security measures that one should […]

A Simple Perl Based Script For Tuning MYSQL Databases

MYSQL database tuning with mysqltuner 2015

MYSQL Tuner is a simple Perl based script which allows you to review MYSQL installation quickly, allowing you to make adjustments to increase stability and performance of MYSQL databases. When this MYSQL database tuning script will be ran it will go and get configuration variables and status data and present it in a brief format […]